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:: W-L-T W% GB
Harvest Bible B (HAB) 21-2-1 0.896 --
Church In The Oaks (CIO) 21-3-0 0.875 ½
Calvary Pentecostal (CAL) 12-11-0 0.522 9
Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian (COV) 9-13-1 0.413 11½
Compass Community (COM) 9-15-0 0.375 12½
Forest City Community B (FCB) 7-17-0 0.292 14½
Summerside Community (SUM) 3-21-0 0.125 18½
No schedule found for the current season.
PRO 7 HAB 14
HAB 13 PRO 11

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HARVEST BIBLE CHAPEL B is the 2017 Samson League Champion.
Dave Riosa (Open Door) is the 2017 Skills Contest Champion. Readon Orr (Calvary) is the runner-up.
Dave Riosa (Open Door) is the 2017 Home Run Champion. Justin Laing (Forest City North) is the runner-up.
Scott Mackey (Calvary) and Adam Malbrecht (Church in the Oaks) are the 2017 Jawbone Most Valuable Players.
Amanda McLean (Church in the Oaks) is the 2017 Jawbone Most Sportsmanlike Player.
Bill Bethel (Open Door) is the 2017 Foxtail Most Valuable Player.
Terry Looper (Providence) is the 2017 Foxtail Most Sportsmanlike Player.
HARVEST BIBLE CHAPEL B is the 2016 Samson League Champion.