The world is awash in data, but data is only useful if it is turned into information. Samson League Inc. can take your data and assess it for trustworthiness, extract information from it, and present it in a comprehensible informative way. This is vital to institutions such as government, business, or health care where sound decisions must be made based on data and the way it is interpreted.

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“In our business, we have reams of data that require sorting and analysis on a monthly basis. It’s a daunting task. Samson League made a seemingly impossible undertaking easy. They have demonstrated unique analytical skills, amazing excel proficiency and a solid understanding regarding the importance of how solid visual interpretation (charts, layout, colour etc.) is a powerful marketing tool.”

Larry Culford
Peacehold Inc.

“Samson League has played an important role within significant projects for us over the course of the past year. Through their exceptional ability to utilize Excel, they have been able to take a great deal of complex data, make sense of it, analyze it and present it in a way that tells a story. We have appreciated their professionalism, their willingness to take ownership of the project, and their ability to meet all timelines. Samson League communicates well and brings a positive attitude to all that they do.”

Nicole Kovacs
Principle Consultant
Kovacs Group Inc