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:: W-L-T W% GB
Free Reformed (FRC) 21-3-2 0.846 --
Forest City Community A (FCA) 14-12-0 0.538 8
Redemption Bible (RED) 10-16-0 0.385 12
Gateway (GAT) 8-18-0 0.308 14
New Hope Community (NHC) 7-19-0 0.269 15
No schedule found for the current season.
FCA 6 CRO 17
CRO 7 FCA 14

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CROSSROADS ALLIANCE is the 2022 Samson League Champion.
Dave Riosa (Forest City A) is the 2022 Home Run Champion. Joel McNeaney (Church in the Oaks) is the runner-up.
David Sloss (Church in the Oaks) is the 2022 Jawbone Most Valuable Player.
Will Payne (Compass Community) is the 2022 Jawbone Pitcher of the Year.
Avery Mitchell (Church in the Oaks) is the 2022 Jawbone Most Sportsmanlike Player.
Michael Burrows (Redemption Bible) is the 2022 Foxtail Most Valuable Player.
Matt Hart (Gateway) is the 2022 Foxtail Pitcher of the Year.
Naomi Amoraal (Gateway) is the 2022 Foxtail Most Sportsmanlike Player.
CHURCH IN THE OAKS is the 2019 Samson League Champion.
Chad Tiffin (Harvesters) is the 2019 Jawbone Most Valuable Player.
Jodi Hagar (Summerside) and Amanda McLean (Church in the Oaks) are the 2019 Jawbone Most Sportsmanlike Players.
Nathan Kerr (New Hope) is the 2019 Foxtail Most Valuable Player.
Jasper van den Berg (Redemption Bible A) is the 2019 Foxtail Most Sportsmanlike Player.